Exhibitors & Attendees Register for 2017 Summer Meeting

Registration is now open for both attendees and exhibitors to participate in the 2017 Summer meeting, July 14-16 at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, FL. 

Government Affairs Report

GA Medicaid clarifies payment for concurrent AA cases in OB suite

At the request of GSA and the GAAA, Georgia Medicaid officials have clarified that payment for AA work in concurrent OB suite cases is payable under Georgia Medicaid guidelines. Prior to the guidance letter, the language of GA Medicaid’s physicians services handbook and it’s anesthesia payment uide (7-page booklet) was in conflict on payment for AA monitoring of concurrent epidural cases.

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GSA testifies against repeal of CON law

GSA has reiterated its support for the state’s existing Certificate of Need law which requires healthcare entities which seek to build health care facilities to first justify to the state the need for constructing new hospitals and multi-specialty clinics. The Society’s position on CON includes the following statement:

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