Dr. Maurice Gilbert, GSA President-Elect and chair of the Nominating Committee, has submitted the following names of individuals for electoral consideration during the February 3 General Business Meeting at the GSA Winter Forum:

  • Matt Klopman MD, Past-President
  • Maurice Gilbert MD, President
  • Steve Sween MD, President-Elect
  • Justin Ford MD, Vice-President
  • Keith Johnson MD, Secretary-Treasurer

  •  Tim Beeson MD, ASA Director
  • Matt Klopman, Alternate Director

The election of an ASA Director is necessary due to the retirement of Dr. Howard Odom who has served as Georgia’s representative on the ASA Board of Directors for many years. ASA by-laws require that an ASA Director retain membership status at the “Active” level. Dr. Beeson has served as Alternate Director during Dr. Odom’s tenure as Director.

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GSA will co-host a fundraiser for current Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, leading GOP candidate for governor, on Monday, June 25 at Maggiano's at Perimeter Mall. Click here to view the Cagle invitation.

Attendance at the Cagle event is as critical as the contributions. The fundraiser runs from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The opportunity to spend quality time in a casual setting with a potential chief executive will pay dividends for GSA and the house of medicine.

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ASA Awards GSA Past-President Dr. Arnold Berry Excellence in Education Recognition 
This tremendous recognition showcases Dr. Berry’s incredible dedication to the profession, educational development and continuing education.

“My passion for creating educational activities stems from the fact that education is the avenue in which physician anesthesiologists learn about new discoveries within our specialty and implement them into practice with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.”

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Physicians now submit controlled substance RX to PDMP daily

Following the passage of HB 249, new rules governing the required participation of providers with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). As of July 1, prescribers are required to submit new controlled substance prescription information to the PDMP system, at least every 24 hours. Additional rules call for every provider with a DEA number to register with the PDMP before January 1, 2018. Also noteworthy, following July 1 of next year, prescribers are to check the patient's prescription history before prescribing a schedule II drug (unless the patient falls into a specific exemption.)

For more information, access the following official sources:

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Government Affairs Report

GA Medicaid clarifies payment for concurrent AA cases in OB suite

At the request of GSA and the GAAA, Georgia Medicaid officials have clarified that payment for AA work in concurrent OB suite cases is payable under Georgia Medicaid guidelines. Prior to the guidance letter, the language of GA Medicaid’s physicians services handbook and it’s anesthesia payment uide (7-page booklet) was in conflict on payment for AA monitoring of concurrent epidural cases.

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GSA testifies against repeal of CON law

GSA has reiterated its support for the state’s existing Certificate of Need law which requires healthcare entities which seek to build health care facilities to first justify to the state the need for constructing new hospitals and multi-specialty clinics. The Society’s position on CON includes the following statement:

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