GSA testifies against repeal of CON law

GSA has reiterated its support for the state’s existing Certificate of Need law which requires healthcare entities which seek to build health care facilities to first justify to the state the need for constructing new hospitals and multi-specialty clinics. The Society’s position on CON includes the following statement:

“GSA submits that the citizens of the state should continue to enjoy the benefits of CON protections until compelling evidence exists to repeal CON in part or in whole. The primary benefit of CON regulation is that the pre-approval process helps assure that existing facilities with high Medicare, Medicaid and charity patient populations will continue to have a sustainable payer mix.”

GSA Executive Secretary Jet Toney testified in a recent Georgia House Government Affairs Committee meeting that the state should reject legislation which would repeal or dismantle the CON law. Toney’s 11-minute testimony can be seen at the 4:58:40 mark of the hearing at .