Dr. Maurice Gilbert, GSA President-Elect and chair of the Nominating Committee, has submitted the following names of individuals for electoral consideration during the February 3 General Business Meeting at the GSA Winter Forum:

  • Matt Klopman MD, Past-President
  • Maurice Gilbert MD, President
  • Steve Sween MD, President-Elect
  • Justin Ford MD, Vice-President
  • Keith Johnson MD, Secretary-Treasurer

  •  Tim Beeson MD, ASA Director
  • Matt Klopman, Alternate Director

The election of an ASA Director is necessary due to the retirement of Dr. Howard Odom who has served as Georgia’s representative on the ASA Board of Directors for many years. ASA by-laws require that an ASA Director retain membership status at the “Active” level. Dr. Beeson has served as Alternate Director during Dr. Odom’s tenure as Director.

To register for the GSA Winter Forum, click here, or go to www.gsahq.org.