Poster Information

Abstraction Submission Guidelines:  

The author(s) must submit their abstract to Allyson Speaks at by Midnight, December 15th, 2017. Abstracts may be no more than 4000 characters and must be submitted as a word document. Abstracts should contain the following: title, authors, background and introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. Up to three figures may be included; accepted format includes embedding figures as a pdf/jpeg in the word document or submitting the figures as a power point presentation. Any financial support or conflicts of interest must be disclosed.

Selection and Presentation:
The top three abstracts will be chosen for formal presentation at the winter forum (~810 minutes duration).  At least one author will then be expected to be at the meeting in person to present their abstract as an electronic power point poster.  Instructions for presentation will be provided to the winners; furthermore, mentoring by the Activity Directors will assist poster winners in preparing for the formal presentation of their medical abstract. The GSA is excited to offer the winning abstracts the opportunity to present to conference attendees. Of the top three selected, an overall "best abstract" winner will be chosen at the meeting.  
In addition to the top three abstracts, top tier abstracts will be formally recognized and given an honorable mention at the GSA conference. This will include electronic/poster display via mobile app. 
Authors of the top three, and high scoring abstracts, will be notified between January 11-16, 2018.  A group selected by GSA Leadership, specifically with input from the Programs and Education Committee, will identify and decide upon the honorable mention/winning abstracts.