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Steven L. Sween, MD

Immediate Past President
Maurice B. Gilbert, MD

Justin Ford, MD

Vice President
Jennifer Scaljon, MD

Keith Johnson, MD

ASA Director
Timothy N. Beeson, MD  

ASA Alternate Director
Matt Klopman, MD 

Delegates to ASA

  • Maurice B. Gilbert, MD
  • Matt Klopman, MD
  • Bob Lane, MD 
  • Mary Arthur, MD 
  • Steve Sween, MD 
  • Rick Hawkins, MD 
  • Justin Scott, MD 
  • Julius Hamilton, MD 

Alternate Delegates to ASA

  • Heather Dozier, MD
  • Eddie Johnston, MD
  • Steve Tosone, MD
  • Paul Turk, MD
  • Keith Johnson, MD
  • Shaun Williams, MD

Delegates to MAG

  • Gerry Moody, MD
  • Heather Dozier, MD