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GSA Winter Meeting                         

January 11 - 12, 2020
Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter At Villa Christina
 - Atlanta, GA

As a convenience to GSA members and guests, this continuing education conference is structured as a two-day CME event. The content is derived from educational survey feedback and post-meeting evaluations over the last few years. The educational focus informs attendees on current issues in anesthesiology and updates across multiple disciplines.

Winter Meeting 2020


Advocacy Training Workshop

Next Session - TBD

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Anesthesia providers who embrace the physician-led Anesthesia Care Team model should also embrace the concept of public policy and political advocacy. To help fulfill this objective, the Winter Forum in Atlanta included an unprecedented two-hour training workshop to help GSA and GAAA members hone skills and better understand the productive relationship between ASA's Office of Advocacy and GSA's grassroots government affairs activities - both supporting and lifting the other. The workshop was free to any GSA member.